Streets Painted Green

by sea music

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released April 17, 2017



all rights reserved


sea music Arizona

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Track Name: Close Your Eyes, Play It Loud
So good to see you again! I mean, I am you; I’ve always been you…you speaking to yourself, but nonetheless this is nice. We don’t do this often anymore and I missed you. Always trying to do this or that or not, we both know not still counts, and never being able to say what we mean when we should, or to whom, or is it who? I’m sorry for being gone too.

For now let’s celebrate! Save another time for meaningfully arranging our past, for practicing this already-too-drawn-out performance, for judging and regretting. Celebrate because we can. Because we can feel good. Really good. Celebrate life: this. Would you do that with me?

Hold my hand? Keep me warm on that boat because I’m cold? Smile because of me. No! Smile when it’s what you’d do. I just like when it happens. You are not mine and never will be. You are me, but there’s no belonging. No destination to reach or action required. We move, and flow, change to whatever is needed. A freedom by movement.

Unfortunately, eventually, it ends. As soon as a moment is realized it’s already been over. The movement stops. You already knew. You knew we couldn’t do it forever. I did too. Just a little bit of wishful thinking to get out of that systematic feeling I guess. So tell me, what have you been up to?